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I can travel to your home, office or other convenient place to carry out your notarisation, subject to an additional charge to cover travelling time and expenses.


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Serving Harrow and North West London

I am a Notary Public based in North West London. I offer the full range of personal and business Notarial services in Harrow, London and the Home Counties.

I can arrange meetings at short notice and I will work to your deadlines. If necessary I can travel to your home, office or other convenient place to carry out your notarisation, subject to an additional charge to cover travelling time and expenses.

Documents going abroad often require certification by a Notary, for example, Powers of Attorney or sale or purchase documents for foreign property. The signature and seal of a Notary verifies to the recipient, virtually anywhere in the world, that the relevant identity and validity checks have been performed and that the document has been properly signed.

I provide a thorough, professional and friendly service and can also arrange the legalisation of your document(s), if required, whether by obtaining an Apostille from the UK Foreign Office or legalisation by a foreign Consulate or Embassy.

It would save time if you could email me a scanned copy of your document(s) before your appointment together with any instructions you have received about how they should be dealt with, especially if I needed to verify the document(s) with their issuer. It could also allow any queries I may have, to be resolved before the appointment and enable me to provide you with a specific quote.

Please do not sign the document in advance of your appointment with me, so that I can witness your signature.

Notary services are offered in Edgware, Harrow, Canons Park, Belmont Stanmore, Little Stanmore, Stanmore Park, Greenhill, Harrow on the Hill, Northwick Park, Harrow Weald, Wealdstone, Hatch End, Headstone North, Headstone South, Kenton, Marlborough, Pinner, Queensbury, Rayners Lane, Roxbourne, Roxeth, North Harrow, South Harrow, West Harrow, Sudbury Hill and beyond.

For more information about my services and the costs involved please visit my Terms of Business page, and my Notary Public FAQ's page, Services for Businesses, Services for Individuals or About Me pages.

Please Contact Me if you have any questions or if you would like a quotation or to arrange an appointment.

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Notary Public Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a specialist lawyer who is a Public Officer, specially authorised to witness, certify and record facts and documents, mainly for use abroad. A Notary may draft documentation where required. The Notary’s signature and official seal assures authorities in other countries that the relevant checks and requirements have been complied with.

For example, when buying or selling a property abroad you may need to give your overseas lawyer power to deal with the purchase or sale. A Notary Public can oversee you signing a Power of Attorney and then notarise this document to ensure that it is accepted in the destination country.

Notaries adopt a high standard of care both towards their clients and to those relying on the document abroad, including foreign Governments or officials. This is designed to minimise the risk of errors, omissions or alterations as well as fraud, forgery, money laundering or the use of false identity.

A key aspect of a Notary’s role is to maintain and keep records of the documents notarised and the identity taken, in accordance with the requirements of the Notarial Practice Rules.

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Documents in a Foreign Language

If you have a document drawn in a foreign language it may be necessary to obtain an official translation of that document into English. A Notary can advise you on whether this is required and also help you to obtain a translation which can be certified as authentic.

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What is an Apostille or Legalisation and do I need this?

Certain countries may also require the additional step of 'legalising' the document. ‘Legalisation’ provides confirmation to the recipient that the signature and seal of the Notary are authentic. This process involves sending the document to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who attach a certificate called an ‘Apostille’ to the notarised document confirming the Notary's signature and seal. For some countries, Consular or Embassy certification may also be required.

If Legalisation is required by the recipient of your document(s), I can advise you on the process and the cost, and can arrange this for you.

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What identification is required when seeing a Notary Public?

To comply with money laundering regulations a Notary must confirm your identity. When attending an appointment with a Notary each person signing the document must provide at least one of the following unexpired documents:

You must also provide proof of your residential address by one of the following:Bank statement or letter from bank not more than 3 months old

In addition, please bring any other means of ID which is referred to in the papers requiring notarisation, such as a foreign Identity Card or Tax Card. I may also ask to see further evidence of your identity such as marriage certificates etc.

Proof of names:  where the name on the document is different from the name you currently use, or there has been a variation in the form of spelling of the name over the years, please provide me, as appropriate, with Certificates of Birth, Marriage or Divorce Decree of Change of Name Deed, showing all the different names that you use. 

If you are acting on behalf of a UK Corporation, the Notary will check the due incorporation and good standing of the company and confirm its directors. If the company has more than one director, board minutes will be required to authorise the signatories to sign the document(s) in question and have them notarised.

For a non-UK Corporation, one or more of the following documents should be provided:

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How much does Notarisation cost?

The cost will depend on the number of documents to be notarised, the number of signatories, the professional time required to be spent, the complexity of the matter, your timescale, any legalisation requirements, travel time etc.

Please visit my Terms of Business page for more information on cost.

To obtain a specific quote please contact me with the following information:

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Record Keeping

Notaries are required to maintain a Notarial Register of the details of the matter. They must retain copies of the documents they notarise, as well as of the identity documents produced by the signatory.

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Complaints Procedure

The Notaries Complaints Procedure is set out in full in my Terms of Business.

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